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Send cash to anyone, even if they don't have a bank account.

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How to redeem a CashSend 

We show you easy steps to  redeem a CashSend at the ATM.

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How to a
cash deposit

It's easy to make a cash deposit at the ATM
at any time.

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How to do a CashSend

1. Insert your card and enter PIN
2. Select the “More” services option
3. Select “Purchase money Voucher” option
4. Enter mobile number of recipient
5. Enter value of voucher to be purchased (multiples of K50)
6. Create 6-digit PIN & confirm PIN, confirm transaction
7. Money voucher ID is displayed and receipt printed
8. Send the 6–digit PIN and the voucher ID to the recipient to claim funds

How to redeem a CashSend

1. Select 'Cardless services'
2. Enter money voucher ID and PIN provided by sender
3. Confirm transaction, ATM will dispense the voucher amount


How to deposit cash at the ATM

1. Select Cardless services
2. Then select cash deposit
3. Enter recipient’s account number
4. Then enter recipient’s ID or mobile number as reference
5. Insert cash into the ATM
6. Conclude transaction and collect receipt

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