• Install up-to-date anti-virus software


    Anti-virus software protects your computer against:

    • Viruses infecting your computer.
    • Trojan horse software gaining control of your computer system remotely, without your knowledge or consent.
  • Use a personal firewall


    A personal firewall acts as a wall between your computer and the rest of the internet. It can be in the form of a hardware component, a software application or a combination of both. Firewalls stall malicious attacks and act as a filter for unwanted data entering your computer or private network. 

  • Update your software regularly


    To avoid any adverse effect on the software and web browser you are using, it is crucial to visit the websites of your operating system and web-browser vendors for software "patches" and "updates". Updates can be automatically made on your system if it is so configured.

    It is highly recommended that your computer and internet connection be appropriately configured to ensure a secure internet banking session.    

    Win NT Win ME/2000    Win XP
    Internet Explorer          5.5+     5.5+     6.0    

  • Regularly scan your computer for spyware


    Did you know that spyware and adware can keep a track on your internet activity? In all probability, it would disclose information to disreputable sources. The best practice to adopt would be downloading free spyware removal programs available on the internet.

    As a precautionary step, you should shut down your computer or internet connection when not in use.

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