• Biometrics

    Biometrics are a secure way to prove who you are because they are unique to each person and can't be easily copied or imitated. Unlike passwords that can be used by someone else without permission, biometrics, like fingerprints on iOS and Android or facial recognition on Android, provide a convenient and hassle-free way to log in without having to remember long passwords each time.

  • App authentication

    App authentication is a secure way to verify logins and transactions through the Absa App on your personal device. By doing this, you add an extra layer of security to your banking beyond just a username and password.

    Instead of using One-Time Passwords (OTP), app authentication helps protect you from SIM swaps, phishing, vishing, and situations where your personal details are stolen.

    Here's how it works:
    • Activate authentication on the Absa App downloaded on your primary personal device. This app will now be your authentication point. When you log in or transact from a different device, your authentication app receives a notification that you must approve to complete the action.

    • You can still make transactions from various devices, but they all need approval from the authenticated app on your personal device.

    App authentication is required:
    • When logging in from a new device
    • For high-risk transactions
    • When adding a new beneficiary
    Important to note:

    Do not uninstall the app used for authentication. If you do, and reinstall a new app, you'll have to go through the app authentication activation process again.

    All customers must activate app authentication on their personal devices as it replaces OTP. To activate, follow the prompts on your Absa App or update your authentication details in the app settings.

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Absa's Internet banking is built with advanced technologies and a robust security infrastructure. This includes a firewall, intrusion detection systems (IDS), virus monitoring tools, and more. The security measures meet international standards and are audited by a reputable consulting firm to ensure secure customer interactions over the Internet. Security is also integrated into the login process.

Here's what you need to know:
  • Avoid shared computers:
    Don't use shared computers for Absa Internet Banking, especially in places like internet cafes, libraries, or other public sites where there's a risk of information being copied.

  • Update your password:
    Regularly change your passwords, especially if you think your information has been compromised.

  • Act quickly:
    Contact Absa immediately if you suspect your internet banking password has been compromised, or if you suspect any other fraudelent or suspicious activity.

  • Use device passwords:
    Set a password, pattern, or pin code on your computers and mobile devices to prevent unauthorized access to your apps and personal information.

  • Disable "AutoComplete":
    Turn off the "AutoComplete" function of your browser so that your login credentials are not saved online, which increases your chances of being compromised.

  • Log off and close your browser:
    Always remember to log off from internet banking and close your browser when you're done. Do this when you are working from a public device as well as from your personal devices. 

  • Follow password requirements:
    Internet banking and app banking enforce password character, length and combination requirements, put in place to ensure you have a strong and secure password. 

  • Don't rely on automatic logout:
    If inactive for 5 minutes, internet banking automatically logs you out, providing added protection if you forget to log out yourself. But it is still better to log out yourself and not wait for automatic logout to occur. 

  • Don't get locked out of your account:
    After three incorrect login attempts, your access to Internet banking will be disabled. To unblock your account, you will need to visit your preferred branch or call the Contact Centre.




ATM safety tips:
  • If your card is stolen, or jammed, or if you feel unsafe at the ATM, immediately call the Absa Customer Service Contact Centre at +260 (211) 366100 to report the incident and cancel your card.
  • Survey your surroundings before transacting. If you notice anything or anyone suspicious, leave immediately without using the machine.
  • Do not accept assistance from strangers around the ATM. Handle your transactions independently.
  • Memorize your PIN; do not write it down or save it on your device.
  • Cancel unresponsive ATMs if you suspect that the ATM is not functioning correctly
  • Cover the keypad when you are entering your pin to prevent others from seeing it.
  • Seek help at branches from an Absa employee if you need assistance; do not ask strangers for help.
  • Ensure you retrieve your card after completing the transaction and double-check that it is indeed your card.
  • Check for anti-skimming technology. Absa ATMs are equipped with anti-card skimming software, causing the card to insert slowly, and disrupting any illegal skimming device attempting to copy your card data.





Card security tips:
  • Your Absa Debit or Credit Card is equipped with a microchip, making it impossible to counterfeit.
  • PIN protection ensures that if you enter the wrong PIN three times, your card will be locked and you will need to visit the branch to unlock it.
  • If your card is lost, or stolen, or you notice suspicious activity, deactivate it immediately and request a replacement.
  • Never confirm sensitive information over the phone. We will never ask you for your credit card expiry date, CVV (3-digit number on the back), or secure code/OTP unless you are actively transacting.
  • If you receive a secure code/OTP without initiating a transaction, contact our Customer Service Line at +260 (211) 366100.
  • When we contact you, we will have your card number, and you will only need to confirm a few digits. Be cautious and do not provide information if you are uncertain.
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