How do I get started with Abby?

You can talk to Abby in two ways. Either look for the Abby chat icon in the bottom right corner of our website, or simply add Abby on WhatsApp +260 762 969 977 and start chatting today. Follow the simple steps below to guide you through your conversation with Abby.

Start chatting to Abby on WhatsApp to make payments, transfer money, buy airtime and check your account balances. Another digital innovation that gets things done. 

Log in to start using Abby's ChatBanking features
Ask Abby to show you your account information

Need to see when your credit card bill is due?  Or how much you need to pay this month?

Just ask Abby to 'Show credit card account balances'.

With just a few taps, you can quickly check your account balances and credit card info, including outstanding amounts, minimum payment due and due date.

For current and savings accounts, just ask 'Show my current account balances' or 'Show my savings account balances'.

Ask Abby to show you your transactions

Need to check your transaction history? Abby can show you transactions going back up to 90 days.

Just ask Abby to 'Show my transactions from current account', or 'Show transactions from October'.

To see some more ways Abby can show you your transactions you can also try saying

  • Show my incoming transactions
  • Show my outgoing transactions
  • Show transactions between K100 and K500
  • Show transactions from last week
Ask Abby to transfer money between your own accounts
Need to move some money around between your own accounts?  Just ask Abby to 'Make a transfer'.
Abby will ask you to choose an account to pay from, an account to pay to, and enter the amount.
Ask Abby to pay your beneficiaries

Abby lets you quickly pay your existing beneficiaries.

Just ask Abby to 'Pay someone'. She’ll ask you to select from a list of your existing beneficiaries and allow you to choose which account to pay from.

You just tell her how much, and you’re done!

Ask Abby to pay your bills, top up airtime or buy electricity

Nobody likes paying bills, so just ask Abby to do it for you.

Abby can pay most of your saved billers. To see a list of available billers, just ask Abby to 'Pay a bill'.

Abby will show you which billers are currently available, allow you select an account to pay from, and ask you how much you want to pay.

We’ll be adding additional billers soon, so watch this space.

Don't spend your time on hold with the call centre or waiting in line at a branch. Simply let Abby answer all your general enquiries about banking products and services. 

How can Abby help?


Abby works 24/7 to answer your enquiries about general product and services information.

Abby can help answer your most commonly asked questions about our financial products, finding your nearest branch or ATM, or how to register for internet banking.

Services and processes

Abby can also tell you which services may require a branch visit or which can be completed over the phone, via internet banking or mobile app. Abby answers questions such as what to do if you lose your credit card or if you need to update your address.

Product info and how tos

Abby can guide you using various features across multiple channels, such as how to access your mobile wallet.

  • What is Abby?

    Abby is our friendly chat platform, powered by artificial intelligence and designed to support our customers with instant and secure support, 24/7. 

    Our goal is to provide our customers with a contextual and personalised communication experience where they can make general enquiries, payments, transfers or access account information any time, anywhere.  

    Abby’s a fast learner – the more you chat, the better your banking experience gets!

  • How do I talk to Abby?


    Simply click on the Abby chat icon at the bottom right of our website, accept the terms and conditions, and start chatting in English. You can ask Abby any banking question and product or service queries here.


     Simply save Abby on your phone as a new contact: +260 762 969 977. Now open WhatsApp and say hello to your new contact to start chatting. 

  • Is Abby secure?

    Our clients’ safety and privacy are important to us, and we have ensured that Abby is a secure platform. Please ensure that the ONLY number you interact with is Abby on +260 762 969 977.  Abby will never ask a client to provide personal information such as account number or ID number.

  • What are the benefits and new features of Abby?

    • Check your account balances, including due dates and minimum payments for your credit cards.
    • Search and view transaction history going back 90 days.
    • Transfer money between your own accounts.
    • Pay saved billers, buy electricity and top up airtime.
    • Pay saved beneficiaries.
  • What are the servicing hours of Abby?

    Abby, our friendly virtual assistant, is available 24/7 to support you.

  • What is the difference between 'pre-login' and 'post-login'?

    In the pre-login environment you can:

    • Ask questions about general banking information 
    • Make enquiries about financial products and services 
    • Search for ATMs and branch locations. 

    In the post-login environment you can additionally:

    • Check account balances and information
    •  View transaction details with filters such as by dates or amount
    • Transfer money to your own accounts
    • Pay saved beneficiaries
    • Pay saved billers, buy electricity and top-up airtime 
  • Who can use Abby’s login functions?

    Customers who are registered for Absa Internet Banking can access Abby. Use your internet banking login details to log into Abby, and make sure you are chatting from the mobile number registered on your Absa account.

  • Can I choose not to log into Abby?

    Yes. If your enquiry is not related to your account information, you do not need to log in.

  • Where can I access Abby’s login functions?

    You can access Abby’s login functions through WhatsApp: +260 762 969 977Once you prompt Abby to access account information or perform a transaction (by saying 'show balances' or 'make a transfer'), you will be asked to log in. 

  • What login details do I use for Abby's login functions?

    Use your internet banking login details for Abby's login function. 

  • How do I register to chat to Abby on WhatsApp?

    Abby is available to individual Absa account holders with a non-business, transactional account. You need to be registered for Absa Internet Banking to use the login functions on Abby WhatsApp. and make sure you are chatting from the mobile number registered on your Absa account.


  • Is Abby an app that I need to download?

    No, Absa ChatBanking is not an app – it is a service that you can access from WhatsApp as long as you hold an Absa account and are registered for internet banking.

  • What are the main keywords that I can use to bank with Abby in WhatsApp?

    You can initiate conversation by saying hi or hello to start chatting. 

    Here are a few other phrases that you can use to find what you are looking for: 

    • Show my balance 
    • Show my current account balance 
    • Show my savings account balance
    • Show my credit card account balance 
    • Show recent transactions 
    • Make a transfer – to transfer money between you own accounts
    • Pay someone – to pay an existing beneficiary that you have paid at least once in the last 90 days
    • Pay a biller – to get a list of all your available saved billers, including airtime, electricity, utilities and more
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