• Special features

    • Send money across the country to anyone with a mobile phone.
    • The person receiving the funds does not need to have a bank account.
    • Withdrawal of funds is done at any Absa ATM - without needing an ATM card.    
  • How to send money at the ATM

    • Insert your ATM card into any Absa ATM and select the 'More Services' option.
    • Select the 'Money Voucher' option.
    • Enter the amount you wish to send.
    • Create a 6-digit 'Voucher PIN' (you will have to enter this twice).
    • Select the option to enter a phone number and enter the recipients’ mobile phone number - you can opt to proceed without entering a recipient’s phone number.
    • Take and retain your receipt as proof of the transaction.
    • Send the 6-digit ‘Voucher PIN’ to your recipient.
    • If you opted not to enter their mobile phone number, ensure you also send the recipient the 'Voucher Number' (on the receipt).
  • How to send money using Hello Money

    • Dial *229# and enter your 6-digit PIN.
    • Select option 1 for CashSend.
    • Enter recipient’s phone number.
    • Enter amount.
    • Select account number to be debited.
    • Create a recipient PIN for the transaction.
    • Confirm to complete the transaction.
  • How to receive money

    If the sender entered the mobile phone number of the recipient, the recipient will receive an SMS from Absa containing the following information:

    • A message informing the recipient that money has been sent to them and is ready for collection
    • A unique 8-digit 'Voucher Number'

    The recipient will go to any Absa ATM and:

    • Select the 'Cardless services' option.
    • Enter the 8-digit 'Voucher number' (from the Absa SMS OR as given to them by the sender).
    • Enter the 6-digit 'Voucher PIN' (as communicated by the sender).
    • The money will be dispensed.
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